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         Horology -The science of measuring time. The art of making instruments for indicating time.

         WHAT IS WEB HOROLOGY? Since the dawn of time, humans have been fascinated with the passage of days into seasons, seasons into years, and years into lifetimes. As we moved from our agrarian roots to more civilized societies, it became increasingly important to measure time in ever-smaller increments. With the development of the first sundial thousands of years ago, the study of horology (the science of measuring time) was born. If you find yourself fascinated with devices that measure time, you have come to the right place.

         Web Horology MB offers those with an interest in horology a place to learn more about whatever aspect of the hobby that fascinates them, and to expand those interests. This site is offered as a public service to the horological community at no charge. Our members come from numerous countries and bring with them a global perspective on the hobby. WEB HOROLOGY is a place where members and contributors can speak their minds, enjoy themselves, and meet new people and create lasting friendships.

         There are no hidden agendas or strings attached. The site is not supported by advertising or pop-ups of any sort. There are no dues or fees, no tiered memberships, no secret chat rooms or cliques, no closed auctions, and no discrimination. WEB HOROLOGY is quite simply a place you can go to connect with others who share your love of horology.

         How is this possible? WEB HOROLOGY is a public interest horological web site run by collectors and exists and operates strictly on donations and contributions from its participants. We are happy to hear from you and receive any contributions for this unique horological web site, but we will never solicit you for contributions.

         WEB HOROLOGY provides for all of your horological needs, from questions/answers, book reviews, research, educational tools, picture guides, horological repairing, free buy-sell-wants ad listings, computer assistance and expert technical help. WEB HOROLOGY is multi-faceted and an enjoyable experience.

         Many of our members are world renowned experts in their respective fields in the watch and clock world as collectors, researchers, and authorities on many diverse subjects.

         How can I participate and support WEB HOROLOGY? Simply register. You will need to provide some basic information, such as a valid e-mail address so that we can confirm your account. WEB HOROLOGY respects your privacy and will never sell or release your information to anyone. We do not require much information in the first place, so you may be assured that your membership in WEB HOROLOGY will never be a source of SPAM, PHISHing, or other Internet annoyances.

         WEB HOROLOGY has been in existence since Dec 2002 and many new and innovative ideas are in the planning stages. Watch for new changes (we would also like your input and ideas to make web horology BIGGER AND BETTER).

         SIGN UP TODAY FOR FUN AND TO FURTHER YOUR HOROLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE! We believe you will be happy you did.

         Remember, WEB HOROLOGY is YOUR free and fun horological site.

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